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$26                                                ETYMOLOGY  OF  LOCAL NAMES.
Kesopnr, so* called from the famous temple of Kesava Deva? a fact which, would
sufficiently account for the name remaining nnchanged, even though of ancient
date ; Lnlpnr, founded by a Thaknr named Lain, a member of the Gaurua clan,
-which is confessedly of late origin ; Lal-pnr, founded only a few generations
ago by a Tariar Thakur, Laram ; Madan-pura, founded by an Aliir from the
old village of Karnaui; Madho-pur, dating 300 years ago, when it was formed
oat of lamds taken from the adjoining villages and given to a Hindu retainer
by Salfm Shall; Mirza-pur ; Muhammad-pur ; Mukund-pur, so called after a
Mahratia founder ; Mnrshid-pur, founded by Murshid Kali Khan, who was
Governor of Mathnra in 1636 A.D.; Nabi-pnr founded by ' Abd-un-E"abi, Go-
vernor from 1660 to 1668 ; Panna-pnrj founded in 1725 A.D". ; Raj-pur, near
Brinda-ban? so named with reference to the Raj-Ghat, by a Sanadh Brahman
from Kamar in the 16th century ; Ram-pur, named after the Riimtal, a place
of pilgrimage there ; Easiil-pur; Salim-pur, dating from the reign of Salfm
Shah; Askar-pnr, a modern alternative name for Satoha ; Shah-pur ; and
Bhak-pnra. Of these 32 names, there are only five as to which any doubt can
l>e entertained ; all the remainder are clearly modern.
In the Mat pargana are 141 villages, and 41 end in pur • viz., Abhay-pura,
settled by a Jat, Abhay Sinh5 from Kanlana ; Ahmad-pur ; Akbar-pur ; Aman-
nllah-pur ; Badan-pur ; Baiknnth-pur, founded according to local tradition 300
years ago ; Baland-pTH*, founded in the 17fch century by a Jit named Balavant;
Bali-piirj founded by Bali, a Jat from Bajana about 1750 A.D.; Begam-pur ;
Bulakpor ; Ch&ad-par, of modern Jat foundation ; Daulat-pur ; Faridam-pur ;
Ftroz-pnr ; Hamza-pur ; Hasan-pur ; * Inayat-pur; Ja'far-pnr ; Jahiingfr-pur ;
Jafc-puraj a modem off-shoot from the adjoining village of Shal; Khan-pur ;
Khw»ja-pmr ; La!-pur, founded by a Jat from Farsauli; Makhdurnpur ; Mir-
pur ; Mubarak-pur; iiii'in-ud-dinpur ; Nabi-pnr ; ISTanak-pur, a modern off-
shoot from Mnsmina ; Sansher-pur ; Kur-pnr ; Pabbi-pur ; Pati-pura, a mo-
dem colony from the Jat village of Banetiya; Hae-pnr, recently settled from
Mosmina ; Sadik-pur; Sadr-pnr ; Sakafc-par ; Sikandar-pur ; Suhag-pnr; Sul-
tan-pur ; and Udlian-pnr. As to the foundation of 6 out of these 41 villages
nothing is known ; the remaining o5 are distinctly ascertained to be modern.
Of the 203 villages in the ]tfaha*ban pargana, 43 have the ending pur ;
tjtz., £ Abd-na-Nabi-pur ; Ali-pur; Amir-pur; Islam-pur; Bahadur-pur ;
Bakmm-pnr, recently founded by Sobha Rae, Kayath ; Banarasi-pur, founded
fey a Braftman, Banirasi5 who derived his own name from the modern appellation
of the sacred city called of old Varanasi; Bhankar-pur ; Bichpuri, of modern
Jml foundation; Daiiiat-pur; Fath-pnra; Ghiyas-pur; Gohar-pur; Habib-pur;